I will be up front in saying that most things at Bear Creek have not really changed much in terms of our daily routine.  We have continued to see patients and perform surgeries.  We are allowing people in our lobby, and yes, we wear face masks; but otherwise, we are still plugging right along.  To say we have been busy is a GROSS understatement.  

I would love to have at least two more doctors to share the case load and meet the demand, but they are no where to be found these days.  Trust me I have tried. 

We are being inundated with demands from clients and non-clients to see pets “right now”.  Unfortunately, if everyone wants to be seen right now, someone is going to have to wait.  Schedules are full weeks out and it takes us longer than normal to make call backs.  It just is the times we are facing, I guess.  We will continue to do the best we can and will make some happy and fall short in others; but, we can only do what is possible for us to do without killing ourselves and mentally breaking down in the process. 

I try to keep Bear Creek away from the political arena and be as non-partisan as I can.  We are a professional business and I only want to focus on patient care and our customers needs.  I do want to say that, as a person, I do not care if you are black, white, male, female, gay, or straight.   All I care about is how you treat the people around you and how well you do your job.  Plain and simple. 

However, I do hold a prejudice against anyone from UNC Chapel Hill.  NC State alumni here.  Go Wolfpack!