Species name feline. Scientific name  felis catus.  Cats are not small dogs.  Their needs are different and their personalities are unique.  Your curious and finicky feline friend has special needs and requires someone who understands them.  Cats cannot handle many of the medications that are regularly prescribed for their canine counterparts.  Many household plants are toxic to them.  They are very sensitive to many insecticides routinely used for flea and tick prevention.  They are obligate carnivores!  That’s right, you cannot make your cat a vegetarian.

We are a fully licensed Veterinary Hospital ready to help you with you and your cat’s health care needs.  We offer many routine procedures as well as diagnostics and therapies that you will need throughout your cat’s lifetime.  For the extraordinary surgical procedures we may need to refer to a specialty hospital, but we strive to be as all inclusive as we can be and still provide quality care.  We even offer emergency (after hours) services to our clients.  Nobody wants to ever have to make that weekend or late night phone call but if you do, know that we are here for you.

Services Available In house

  • Wellness and general checkups
  • Routine preventative vaccinations
  • Sick visits
  • In house laboratory diagnostics (Felv/FIV, CBC, Blood chemistry panels, urinalysis, fecal testing, etc)
  • Complete list of referral laboratory testing and diagnostics is also available.
  • Digital radiography
  • Ultrasound guided sample collection
  • Ultrasound for pregnancy detection
  • Routine surgical neutering (castration and ovariohysterectomy)
  • Limb amputation
  • Surgical declaw (Front only)
  • Hospitalization


As all cat owners know, our feline family members do not always travel well. Keeping your cat healthy and stress free is our main goal. Let us come to you and examine your cats in their own space where they are more comfortable.  While many procedures are best done in house, there are many things we CAN do at your home.

Here is a sample list of our mobile feline services:

  • Wellness and Sick examinations
  • Routine vaccinations: Feline Viral Rhinotraceitis, Calici virus, Panleukapenia, Chlamydia Psittaci, and Leukiemia
  • Feline Leukemia/FIV testing (on-site, results within 10 minutes)
  • Sample collection for labwork: CBC, Chemistry, Ear Cytology, Cultures, and fecal examinations
  • At home euthanasia