Bear Creek 2018 Remodel

The history

Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital is undergoing is most massive upgrade ever this year! Thanks to the continued support of our clients and the surrounding community, we’re growing in ways we never imagined! And we can finally say, it’s official!  As of lunch time on Wednesday, January 10th, the closing paperwork has been signed and we’re officially underway!

If you’ve been with us since 2013, you might remember just a few short years ago when we grew so much that Dr. Amy lost her office totally to make room for our current lobby, our mare and foal stall was totally abandoned to provide room for the new small animal treatment services area, and we added an entire second floor and rear wing to handle the amount of kennel space we needed.

We even had to give up the paddock out back to make room for the new laundry and Xray room and while we we were at it we added a car port to keep our techs from having to restock the trucks in the rain, and purchased a second truck so we could handle the increase in field calls.

Remodeling the mare and foal stall into a treatment area.

The paddock is gone to make room for the new kennel area.

The present

Just four years later we’ve grown from two doctors to five; two office staff to over twenty; and thanks to the amazing new staff, as of December of 2017 we had seen and treated over 19,076 patients in 2017 alone! In short, the continued love from the community is driving a demand for even more space and even more doctors.

It’s a far cry from just six or seven years ago when Dr. Amy ran back and forth across the counties by her self all day long. On a good day, she could work in three or four farm calls, and maybe two surgeries.  In 2017 alone, Bear Creek has averaged (are you sitting down?, Seriously, you probably should.) over SEVENTY patients a day!

Bear Creek in 2017


The future

This coming 2018 is packed with more change than we’ve ever tried to pack into a twelve-month cycle. We’ve already expanded to the rear as far as the land will allow. This year we are expanding the clinic on the west end to make room for a double-sized isolation room, a dual surgery to double our surgical capabilities to meet the needs of so many new patients, and we are doubling our kennel area with beautiful new kennels and lots of space for our special guests to be comfortable during their stay. We are also expanding from two exam rooms to five to allow us to see more patients per day! That’s all just on the west end! We’re calling that Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the remodel.

Once that is complete, Phase 3 begins! Phase three will result in a 200% increase in the size of our reception space, allowing room for up to five receptionists to work at once without being underfoot! Additionally we are quintupling our lobby area! Yeah, that’s 500%! It’s going to be huge, gorgeous, and provide plenty of space for patients and their humans to have room to visit without being as confined as our current lobby is.


Take the Journey With Us

It continues to amaze us how much people want to stay abreast of what’s going on with our little clinic. We get questions about the project on Twitter, Facebook, email, in-person, and from every avenue imaginable.  This remodel is going to be the biggest thing we’ve ever done at Bear Creek- both in terms of sheer cost and in terms of impact to the clinic and our customers. It’s going to be amazing, but we have to somehow manage to run our business daily while all this is going on.

We’re going to make an effort to keep you in the loop with blog posts and photos throughout the process. You can see the progress develop right along with us, right here on this page. The blog articles below are all about the remodel, and we will be updating them as often as feasible, but hopefully once a week or more thoroughout the process!


Blog posts about the remodel

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