Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State

I myself am personally very desensitized to anything else that comes across my newsfeed or email that has more to do with Covid 19.  I get inundated with so many vendors, support companies, insurance brokers, etc. telling me how they can help or news agencies updating me on the current numbers.  The last thing I wanted to do was add to the barrage other people, my clients, were having to endure.  However, my husband requested that I try to address the current concern still held by many that animals are a concern with the spread of Covid 19.  

I do not claim to be an expert on Covid 19, and I am not an expert on Corona viruses; but, I do agree that there is sufficient evidence to show that your pets are not a concern with this current crisis.  We have been dealing with corona viruses for a very long time in veterinary medicine.  This is not the same corona virus dogs and cats get sick from.  This is not the same corona virus that livestock get sick from.  As a matter of fact, the virus that infects dogs is different from the virus that infects cats, and those viruses are different from the one that infects cattle.  The vaccines that have been developed for animals does not contain the same corona virus that we as humans are dealing with now. 

You cannot vaccinate yourself against Covid 19, by injecting yourself with cattle corona virus.  Please do not try.  Your pets have NOT been shown to be carriers of the disease.   Animals are not a source of infection to us as veterinarians or you as their owners.   Social distancing is for you and I.  Please do not distance yourself from your pets or abandon them at animal shelters.  If you must be quarantined, at least spend it with your fur babies.  They are a great source of both companionship and distraction. 

We will gladly continue to see your pets and be there for them when you need us to be.  We will just ask you to stay in the car.