Our partners that ship our home delivery products are  great! The return policy is pretty awesome we think! Here’s how it works:


Over the Counter Products:

Most OTC items can be returned for credit (not refund) if they are not temperature sensitive and returned within 30 days of the original sale date (not the date they arrived to your home necessarily.)

All returns have to be pre-approved by Vets First Choice, (not the staff at Bear Creek).

To get approval for a return, and return-shipping information, please contact Vets First Choice at 888-806-3336 to facilitate the credit to your account.

Pet Nutrition and Foods:

Our pet food return policy is pretty awesome! If, for any reason, your pet doesn’t like the food, or it doesn’t sit well with them, or it arrived in poor condition, etc… whatever the reason, Vets First Choice will gladly facilitate a credit for your purchase. They will not ever ask you to return the unused food. Shipping food is too much of a financial burden on the customer. All we ask is, as long as there’s nothing physically wrong with the food itself, that you either donate it to an animal shelter, animal rescue, or you can even donate it to the clinic. We have many animals in and out all the time and sometimes they’re picky. We’ll try not to let it go to waste!

To facilitate a credit on nutrition items, please contact Vets First Choice at 888-806-3336. Their friendly staff will walk you through the process.

Prescription Items:

Prescription items are the one area we can’t take returns on. It’s a federal law and NO ONE can accept returns on prescription medication, whether it’s for humans or animals. It’s just against the law everywhere, whether it’s unopened and still sealed in the package or not.