Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital is a Gold Level Feline Friendly Practice.

What does it mean to be Feline Friendly?

A “Feline Friendly” practice means that, as a practice, we acknowledge the distinct differences that make our cat patients unique from other patients. Bringing your cat to the vet can be difficult for your cat. They are stressed due to the car ride, or being in a carrier, or even simply leaving the house. We strive to meet the challenges of our feline patients with understanding and compassion. There are steps that can be taken to make their visit less stressful and a much more streamlined and informative trip to the vet.

How do we go about being “Feline Friendly”?

There are guidelines set by the American Association of Feline Practitioners that outlines the steps and accommodations needed to meet the needs of our cat patients.

  • Our doctors and staff understand the unique needs and behaviors of cats.
  • We strive to put forth a feline-friendly environment and make veterinary visits more cat-friendly by offering a cat-only waiting room and appropriate relaxation cat pheromones to calm their nerves naturally.
  • We are trained on how to approach and handle cats in a gentle, empathetic, and caring manner.
  • Have the appropriate equipment and facilities needed to diagnose and treat feline patients.
  • We have met specific standards for our facility and care of our hospitalized cats.

All of these items above are designed to affect change and make a visit to our practice different from other practices by:

  • Reducing stress associated with veterinary visits.
  • Improve the quality of care we are able to provide.
  • Support the veterinary team so that the entire staff is educated and knowledgeable about your cats’ distinct needs and behaviors.

This is just one way that Bear Creek is striving everyday to provide the best quality medicine and compassionate care possible.