Bear Creek now offers the convenience of Home Delivery!

Being a pet owner can be like having another child at home; always things to be done. You have to run them to the doctor, be sure they get their exercise, be sure they eat healthy, sometimes get them medications. Hundreds of little tasks take up the time of pet owners and sometimes there’s too much to do in the time available. Bear Creek is introducing a new program we hope will help you get some of that time back and will help make your life and your pets life a little bit easier.

We are introducing a new feature called “Home Delivery.” It’s just what it sounds like. We already do house calls, but now you can get your supplies delivered too! You can get prescription medications, over the counter medications, food deliveries, and more. What’s really great is that you can get free shipping on any autoship order!

Check out some of the options below for Dogs and Cats. You can read more at the bottom of the page if you’ve got questions about how it works!

  • Enroll and order online, any time 24×7.
  • Order over the phone.
  • Come in and let us help you set up your order.

Companion Animal Supplies

We’ve got some great new features for dog and cat owners, as well as other companion animals. Our “Remind Me” program will AutoShip a single dose of your pet’s flea, tick, and heartworm prevention every month on the day they need to be given, providing your pet the year-round protection they require.

Beyond monthly auto-shipments, our delivery program also provides affordable, quality medications ANY TIME you need them! Need a prescription medication? You can even order it online, the doctor will approve it electronically, and the order will ship to you right away! You never even need to leave home!

  • Convenient Home Delivery
  • Pay as you go
  • Free shipping!
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Chronic Medications
  • Nutritious Dog and Cat Foods
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals
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More information about Home Delivery

We realize there might be lots of questions about home delivery and prescription medications. We’ve added an entirely new section to our FAQ page, specifically to answer questions we think you might have. Visit the FAQ page and click the “Home Delivery” link at the top of the faq categories to get answers!