Species name Equine.  Scientific name Equus ferus caballus. This includes all horses, ponys, miniature horses, donkeys and mules.  Mules are a cross between a horse and a donkey.  Ponies are equine less than 14 hands in height.  Miniature horses are a separate breed of equine that usually measure 36″ in height or less.  People have horses for many reasons.  The vast majority of our clients are trail riders, aka pleasure use.  We also see clients whose primary focus is showing or competing.  There are many disciplines of competition including hunter-jumper, dressage, three-day eventing, , reining, cutting, western pleasure, and gaited horse competitions like plantation pleasure, cart, and 3 and 6 gaited shows.  Regardless of the discipline, they are all equines.  Our patients range in economic value from less than $100 to $500K.  We treat them all like they were our own.  We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with insurance companies when it comes to our higher end valued patients.  Farm calls are standard for most of our equine appointments but we do offer haul in options to allow our clients save money wherever possible. Just tell our receptionist  which option you prefer.

We provide most forms of equine care, including

Preventive and Routine Care

  • Customized vaccination protoccols based on your level of exposure
  • Deworming schedules set in accordance with your horse’s individual susceptibility.
  • Sheath cleaning
  • Teeth floating
  • Supplements and nutritional counseling


Sick and Urgent Care Services

  • Laceration/Wound repair
  • Tendon ultrasound examinations
  • Laceration and wound repair
  • Ophthalmic (Eye) problem therapy
  • Colic therapy (medical therapy only, surgical referral may be necessary)
  • Laminitis (founder) therapy: diagnosis and treatment
  • Alleviation of Esophageal Obstruction (Choke)
  • General internal medicine

Surgical Procedures

  • Castration: Routine standing or general anesthesia procedures available.
  • Laceration/Wound repair
  • Mass removal and Biopsy
  • Caslick procedure (open and close)
  • Sub-palpebral Lavage Catheter placement
  • Enucleation (we are able to perform this procedure on small-sized equine)
  • Cesearian section (we are able to perform this procedure on small-sized equine)
  • Endoscopy (gastric and upper airway examinations)

 Laboratory and Radiology Services

Digital Radiology:

We offer computerized “digital” radiographs (X-rays).  This method is both cost effective and convenient for use even in a field setting. No waiting for films to be developed or multiple farm calls to retake films that didnt “turn out” right. Your horse’s radiographs can be saved to a CD or emailed to you for further use and easy sharing between farriers, referral veterinarians and owners.   In difficult cases, the emailed radiographs can be seen by the referral center for review or second opinions in a fast and efficient manner.

In house Diagnostics:

  • Fecal egg counts-extremely vaulable in determining your horse’s deworming program along with your current program’s effectiveness.
  • CBC/Chemistry Panels-rapid evaluation of bloodwork can mean the difference between life and death with results within 15 min.

Digital Coggins testing:

  • Digital coggins tests are standard at our practice and have been since our second year of operation (since 2007).  This service helps to eliminate uncertainty about a horse’s markings and speeds up the turn around process.
  • We can have coggins test results back usually within 48-72 hrs with NO “RUSH” fee.
  • Results can also be emailed to the client to further expedite the process.
  •  Repeat coggins tests do not require a retake of the animal’s pictures unless the animal has significantly changed (aging, color fading, etc).


Equine dentistry

We are equipped and trained to float your horse’s teeth using some of the latest technology and correct a variety of dental problems in a safe and effective manner.

  • Routine floating: Power Floats or hand floats
  • Miniature horse and standard sized equipment
  • Bit seats
  • Wave mouth correction
  • Molar extraction of loose, disrupted cheek teeth (Some more invaisive dental procedures may require surgical referral).


 Reproductive Services

Ultrasound and palpation for pregnancy (duration of gestation determines which method is used)
Artificial Insemination
Stallion collection
Mare care and boarding for foaling or insemination.
Mare/Foal/Placenta exams (standard post-foaling exam)
Retained placenta therapy (placenta not passed within 3 hrs post-foaling)
Caslick’s procedure (open and close)
Endometrial culture
Uterine lavage


Pre-Purchase Exams

The purpose of this procedure is evaluate an animal and determine if it is medically capable of performing its intended task.   We can take as much time and get as in-depth as you need us to be (depth of exam determines the cost of the exam).   The buyer is the responsible party and realistically should be present in order to adequately convey intended use and any problems that arise during the exam.  As a general rule of thumb (profession-wide) we do not recommend that the veterinarian used for this procedure be the veterinarian used by the seller.  This could present a conflict of interest or give the buyer the impression that the veterinarian was not 100% looking out for their interests.

Standard PPE includes:

  • Thorough physical standing exam (Eyes, ears, teeth, heart, lungs, temperature, limb conformation, hoof exam, skin and hair coat)
  • Lameness/Soundness Evaluation (with gait evaluation and flexion tests)

Radiographs and lab work are available but not included in standard pre-purchase exam price as not all clients request these items to be taken.

Daytime and After-Hour Emergency Services

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Emergency care is provided 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year

We do our best to accommodate all emergencies that arise regardless of when they occur.  We will prioritize emergency calls and work them into our daily schedule in the most efficient manner possible.  True emergencies will be given priority over routine or non-urgent appointment.  Sorry, this sometimes means that we may need to move or arrive late to your scheduled appointment.  Rest assured that when YOU have an emergency we will do everything in our power to get to you as soon as we are able.

In case of an after-hours emergency, call the main office number (704-986-0000) and you will be instructed to select one of two option: Option 1 is to leave a non-urgent message (which will be returned during regular business hours) or Option 2 which is to contact the doctor on call, in this case, your call will be returned as soon as the doctor is able.