I was on a call this morning with one of my regular cattle clients, doing my usual multitasking balancing act.  The phone rang as I was climbing over the fence to get to the calf (my patient) while  trying to avoid an unhappy mom that was harassing the gate in an attempt to keep us away from her baby.  I ignored the first time it rang but when they called right back, I answered assuming that it must have been someone in dire need of me right that moment, but continued to work on the calf in question.  The client needed something scheduled that day (thankfully no one was dying).  I had to call the office and relay the phone number and the request to the office technician so that they could schedule the appointment.  I finished working on the calf and then we reunited him with his upset mom and cleaned up.   I was chatting with the owner during the invoice write up stage of this call and she commented to me that I must have “nerves of steel.”   I responded by asking “Why do you say that”?  She said that “with all you juggle at one time and everyone seems to want you right then, it must be difficult to handle the pressure. You have to have nerves of steel.”     I took it as a compliment that at least outwardly I seem to be holding it together enough that my clients think I have everything under control.  My honest answer to her was that every day is balancing act.  A house of cards so to speak.  You start each day a blank slate.  With each phone call, emergency, appointment, hysterical client,email or question,  a new card gets added.  Some days there are a lot of cards.  The more cards you stack, the less it takes to upset the balance.  I can take a lot, but you get to a point where all it takes is the slightest bump and it all comes crashing down.   That’s usually when you stop and look around you and everything seems like a natural disaster.  Fortunately those crashes don’t happen too often.  I have to admit that I thrive on the pressure emergencies create.  I hate to sit still.  If it were up to me, I would stay non-stop busy all day.  It does however get a little too crazy at times.