When it comes to taking your pet to the vet, there is a degree of stress that can be involved.  For most people, this is a once a year event and the thought of taking their cat or dog anywhere is stressful.  This is because their pets are not used to going anywhere other than outside to go to the bathroom.  Of course, that stress increases when the pet is sick or injured.

We want your visit to be as stress free as possible, if possible.  We see all different kinds of animals and all different personalities as well.  So, lets discuss ways to reduce your stress and hopefully your pets’ as well.

Keep in mind that we are used to hair, drool, and those accidents that happen on the floor when pets get excited.  Do not fret.  We got it handled.  There is always a roll of paper towels and a mop on hand and our staff is used to clean up on isle 4.

Stranger Danger!

If you know your dog does not like other dogs and can get difficult to restrain when other dogs are around, just let us know when you arrive and keep him or her outside or in your car until we can get them in the room directly.  In addition, we can provide an alternative entrance or exit that bypasses the main lobby and avoid your dog from having to cross paths with a potential adversary.

Cats should be in a carrier.

Loose cats are a flight risk and do not always appreciate the presence of other animals, especially those noisy canines.  They are likely to become frightened and try to get away to a quiet and less scary place and will claw and scratch to accomplish this.  For their safety and yours, keep them in a carrier.

Schedule an appointment (use our Pet Desk app!!) and arrive on time.

Maybe even a few minutes early.  This will hopefully keep your wait time to a minimum.  We strive to stay on schedule and be respectful or your time.  We do not want you to have to wait any longer than necessary.  Arriving without an appointment will mean waiting until a doctor is available between appointments and that may take some time.  No one likes to wait, not even me.

Socialize your pets to car travel and going away from home.

If your pet enjoys a little adventure, then it’s not such a big deal to go for a ride to the vet.  Especially if the going to the vet does not always mean something bad is going to happen.  Come for a short visit just to get their weight checked or a treat and few loving, belly rubs and ear scratches then go back home.

Finally, if none of these suggestions are helpful for you or your pet, keep in mind, we do make house calls.  Especially for routine, yearly visits, this can reduce your stress and your pets’ significantly.  For multiple pets this can make short work of their physical exams and vaccinations cut your time commitment by hours.

No matter big or small, one kitty or six Great Danes, we want your visit to be as stress free and as happy as we can make it.  Not all visits can be happy visits, but we will do our best to make even bad situations bearable.

On an additional note: as part of our new expansion process, we are expanding our lobby so you will have room to spread out and not be crowded in order to make any time you do have to wait not so bad.