We live in a very web-based society…a time where nearly everything is found online.  Pharmaceuticals are no different.   The bygone era of buying everything from your veterinarian is long since over.  That is ok.   From a practice owner’s perspective, I do not mind clients purchasing medications from other resources.  I do however mind when clients are sold counterfeit products with no safety or efficacy to back up their look alike façade.   As the owner of Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital, it is not my practice philosophy to turn a profit from primarily the sale of preventions and other retail items.  Even reoccurring prescription medications can be outsourced most of the time.   It does not make financial sense for me to stock and maintain a constant supply of every medication out there and all the different preventions on the market.  These things are expensive!  I must carry some items.  It is unavoidable.  Some patients need medications immediately.  Other times it is just a convenience factor.  However, clients really do not want or need to drive to the vet office and pick up refills on medication.  It is inconvenient and sometimes more costly. 

I will not require my clients to purchase medications or other prescription items from our hospital.  It is unethical in my opinion, not to mention illegal.  I will, however, caution you to be careful where you purchase your medications.  Some retail websites and online pharmacies sell items for so much less than average it seems to good to pass up.  Buyer beware.  Some items are very good counterfeits and are made to look as good as the real thing but are worthless.    Some online companies purchase their supply from other vendors and not directly from the manufacturer.  This means there is no manufacturer guarantee.  If you are not happy with a product or there is a medical complication, you and your pet could be left out in the cold. 

In response to this concern, but also to balance out my need for things to make good business sense, we have provided our clients with an online pharmacy resource.  It is a trusted national company that purchases direct from the manufacturers and gets the prescription orders from us.  We approve the online orders and they ship directly to you.  The company we are currently using also has the option to compound medication for clients that do not fit the retail mold.  In other words, if your cat needs a tuna flavored liquid heart medication, they can do that.  Our veterinarians can even place the order for you in room during your appointment.   The pharmacy has an extensive list of dog, cat, and equine medications.  There is also an extensive list of prescription and non-prescription foods

Please let us know if we can answer any further question you may have regarding our online pharmacy and what coupons are available to help you save even more money.