Pet Pigs

Species name porcine (swine).  Scientific name Sus scrofa domesticus  or Sus domesticus applies to most all of our domestic swine.  We are mostly a pet pig practice with a small amount of backyard production herds.  We do not service large commercial swine operations.  Only the safest and most humane treatment is acceptable.  We provide quality and up to date medicine for your pig.   We are available for sick and emergency services 24 hrs a days.   We have a large number of pig patients and we love them all.

There are lots of reasons to make house calls for pet pigs but there are many times that require the pet to be brought in to the clinic.  Many procedures on pigs are best done while under general anesthesia.  As a practice, we feel that injectable anesthesias are more risky and take too long for the animal to recover.  For this reason we prefer the client to bring the pet in to the clinic for inhalant anestheasia.  Ask our existing clients and they will tell you, this is the way to go.  It is also much easier for the patients to not be stressed any longer than they have to.  Even procedures that you may think are routine (like hoof trimming and blood draw) and not need anesthesia are usually necessary for our swine friends.

General Preventative Medicine

  • Routine examinations, vaccinations and deworming.
  • Tusk and hoof trims.
  • Nutritional counseling
  • In-house appointments and farm visits
  • Blood collection and Radiology


Surgical and Reproduction Services

  • Ovariohystercetomy (spay)
  • Routine Castration
  • Cryptochid Castration
  • Umbilical and scrotal hernia repair
  • Uterine tumor removal with ovariohysterectomy
  • Farrowing difficulties
  • Ultrasound for pregnancy determination

Inhalant anesthesia and intubation is standard for all major surgical procedures.
Post operative pain medication is given standard to all surgical patients.