Bear Creek Veterinary HOSPITAL

HOSPITAL-That means we are able to monitor, treat and observe your pet overnight, or over the weekend, whenever needed.  Sometimes the risk is too great for your sick baby be left unattended or too far away from the doctor’s care to be sent home.  Your doctor may recommend that we keep your animal overnight for more intensive therapy.  Often the doctors at Bear Creek take such care of your pet that we stay there with them when we feel the need is warranted.  I know I have stayed up with many a patient that needed round the clock care or hourly medication.  It makes for a really long day the next day but it is worth it.  Your baby means a lot to us and we take our job seriously.  Please note that we do not staff the hospital 24 hrs a day.  Our staff goes home, but a veterinarian and technician are available for supportive treatment and monitoring after-hours if needed.

For hospitalization, we currently have available (40) stainless steel dog/cat kennels in general circulation, four larger-dog runs, and (2) isolation cages for hospitalization purposes.

If we feel that your pet requires more in-depth or intensive care that we can provide, we will recommend referral to a specialist or trauma center.

Hospitalization costs depend on the intensity of care needed.  It ranges from level I, basic feeding and monitoring, to Level IV, ICU care.

Limited boarding for healthy pets is now available but this is currently limited to only our smaller dogs (<25lbs) and cats as well as pet pigs.  We choose to focus on the medical care and treatment of your pets.  Our kennel spaces are limited and we want to make sure we keep the sick patients the priority.  

We cannot provide you or your pet transportation to or from the hospital.