Digital Radiography

Radiographs or X-rays come in different forms: the original film method and now the digital method.  Even digital radiography has two distinct types (CR or DR).  Regardless of the type of digital radiography used, digital radiography allows for easier transfer of the images digitally from doctor to client or doctor to doctor as compared to the older methods that use chemicals for developing the image and actual films.  Digital radiographs can be taken and stored on a computer or laptop then saved and downloaded to the patients medical record or further  emailed to the client or referral veterinarian quickly and easily.  Bear Creek has been using digital radiography since 2007, but we are excited to announce we have added a new table top machine utilizing DR technology that captures even minute details that are simply not possible with standard radiographs.  This technology now allows us to perform OFA certification images that can be sent to OFA directly.  It is not always feasible for dog and cat purposes due to a multitude of reasons so unfortunately we require our dog and cat patients be brought in to the clinic for radiographic examinations (X-rays).


Real time ultrasound machines give you a picture on a screen.  Just like in human medicine.  Bear Creek has a portable ultrasound machines that we use for many different purposes including pregnancy detection.  It is a quick and effective method for visualizing the fetus or fetuses and also in determining viability (is it alive) by seeing the heartbeat.  The further along in gestation (length of pregnancy) the female is, the bigger the object becomes and the more difficult it is to see everything at once.  Early examination is often best in gaining the most accurate data.

Ultrasound is also very useful in evaluating the abdomen for bladder location and structural soundness (is it intact or has it ruptured).  We also use the ultrasound for determining if there is fluid in the abdomen or chest cavity, contents of a mass, density of tissue, or very specific placement of a needle for biopsy collection.   There are countless other uses for ultrasound technology but we do not have all the equipment needed for every purpose.  Some more in-depth techniques and examinations require a selection of equipment that is just too expensive for our clients everyday needs.  Therefore, at this time, for those specific cases we refer them to a specialist for further evaluation.