There is no better way to advertise or to make us feel better about our jobs than to tell others about us. Thank you all that submit testimonials about the service you receive here at Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital! It means the world to us!

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Testimonials from Facebook

“This clinic is awesome. We have a 2.8 oz chihuahua who is the love of our life, we were told by many vets that they couldn’t do surgery….to spay her because she was too small. She got hooked by a male and we were scared to death that she was pregnant, so we chose to have her spayed. The people at Bear Creek were amazing, answered our questions, calmed our nerves (as much as possible) and did surgery on our baby. Thank you guys so much. I have all the confidence in the world now and Dr. Amy was awesome when we picked her up to explain things to us and reassure us she would be fine. We will recommend this clinic to anyone who needs a vet! Thank you again everyone”
Darlene Jones, Dog Owner
“Dr. Amy has been our horse vet over five years and always shows great compassion and concern no matter the hour or reason for the visit. She is an excellent ‘seamstress’ leaving no scar behind in a couple of suturing jobs, and has been called away from her family/personal time to help move two on to the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone at the clinic has shown excellent care whether calling for an appointment or assisting with the animals. I can’t imagine a better fit for our guys!”
Laura Rodriquez, Horse Owner
“Dr Amy is one of the best vets around. She has been so helpful, compassionant and knowledgeable of helping us get our goat business up and started. She has taught us how to give shots and raise our goats as well as treating our little sick one. She cares for her patients, they’re not just a number. We wouldnt go anywhere else. Love you Dr Amy”
Melinda Moser, Golden Rock Farms

Other Testimonials

Dr. Amy Jordan is not only a talented and compassionate veterinarian, but she is gifted with people as well. When there is a “right thing” to say, she knows it, and says it. And, when there is nothing to say….she says that too. I’m so thankful for the good times and hard times that Dr. Amy has been there for me and my animals.
Cathy Curry Starnes, Pet Owner
Thank you Dr. Amy for taking care of Amanda’s little dog last night. You were literally a life saver!!! Cannot thank you enough!!
Carrie Weathers, Dog Owner
Dr Amy has been our big animal vet for a long time. She is wonderful.