Ok, so most of you know by now that Stephanie, our social media coordinator, has been teasing you for two weeks about the big secret. We’ve even had a countdown on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where we’ve had visitors guess what the big secret might be. Some of the answers were quite surprising by the way…

Stephanie – our social media coordinator

Some of the guesses were:

  • Someone is pregnant?
  • Bear Creek is installing a gun range? (Yup, that’s a real guess!)
  • Adding a second location? (What? Are you trying to kill me!)
  • Adding grooming and boarding services?
  • Rescue training facility?
  • Heated pool for Therapy? (you might think that’s funny, but Dr. Amy has tossed around the idea of doing hydro-therapy, but where I’m going to put one would be the kicker!)
  • Expanding the clinic? (That would be the worst-kept secret on Facebook! lol)
  • New Veterinarian?

So why the big secret?

Because it’s big news and big news deserves suspense and Hoopla!

So, what is it already?

I guess we can’t really keep it a secret much longer, so we might as well spill it, huh? Ok, you win!

Bear Creek Welcomes Dr. Anna Cloninger to the Team!

We are REALLY excited to announce the addition of Dr. Anna Cloninger to the team at Bear Creek! Dr. Anna is a native of Mt Pleasant, NC, so she’s a local and it’s really a great thing to be able to bring a Stanly County native into the already-awesome team of doctors we have here. After graduating high school, she enlisted in the United States Navy and served four years in Pearl Harbor as an Information Systems Technician.

As if that’s not enough adventure to set one for life, Dr Anna decided she wanted to be a veterinarian. She came back to NC and spent four years getting her undergraduate degree in Biology. Being a glutton for punishment, she went on to four more years of college at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine where she earned her degree in 2014.  Somewhere in the midst of all that, she decided to travel to South Africa and volunteer to help out at a game reserve, working to save the lives of many endangered animals. Their goal was to conserve the populations many animals including zebras, giraffes, impalas, kudus, and other species native to South Africa’s deserts. Her team of volunteers worked tirelessly transporting specimens from these species from one area to another to help with genetic diversity within their populations. We asked her what her favorite animal was to work with…. Giraffes!

After all that, Dr Anna returned to NC to work in Fayetteville for three years. There, she practiced small animal medicine and developed an interest in surgery, animal dentistry, and preventative medicine.

Thankfully for us at Bear Creek, Dr. Anna misses her hometown and picked Bear Creek as her home. She is excited to be coming on board and we’re incredibly excited to have her joining us!

Dr. Anna will start her first day in the clinic on Wednesday, February 14th. She will be a valuable addition to our surgical staff and will specialize in in-clinic small animal cases, so you won’t likely see her out in the trucks on the road too much.

Some photos we talked her into sharing with us!


Other interesting facts about Dr. Cloninger:

  • She loves to travel and experience new cultures and new places.
  • While going to school at Ross University, she lived in the Caribbean for three years.
  • She’s been deep-sea fishing.
  • She loves to garden and loves flowers.
  • She spent her clinical year in Louisiana.
  • Her dream – to own a huge chunk of land and open a sanctuary for old dogs. She has a huge soft spot for senior animals.
  • She’s a total foodie – loves all kinds of different things – but Cajun is her favorite.
  • She’s a tarheel fan! (Did we mention she’s a Tarheel fan? Dr. Amy didn’t know that before hiring her. I’m going to be sure we have opposing banners hung in the clinic to commemorate this event!)
  • She has two cats. Both are rescues. Their names are Otis and Lula.
  • She loves the Tarheels…