As I was driving down the road between field/house calls this past week, it occurred to me that many people seem to be operating under a misconception about my qualifications these days.  I thought it best to be sure to clear up any confusion regarding this issue.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a mind reader, magician, clairvoyant, time traveler, financial lender or omnipresent/omnipotent deity and I cannot make everyone happy all the time.

I am however, a veterinarian, mother, wife, friend, practice owner, pet lover and owner.  I drive around from home to home, seeing appointments, hopefully as on schedule as possible, but still be flexible to work in sick animals that do not need to wait.  I cannot be in two places at once and I do have to prioritize who needs me more at that moment.

I also must take time to be there for my son and husband.  I have a clinic full of intelligent, experienced and thoughtful staff and veterinarians that can handle things in my absence.