Use the Bear Creek App!

Bear Creek is making it even more simple to book appointments for your furry friend! Sign up to get our Pet Desk app for your smartphone and you can make appointments for all your pets right from your phone in just a few clicks!

  • Request appointments 24×7!
  • Receive reminders for everything in one place.
  • Access your pet history and vaccines!
  • Get notified when your pet is ready to go home!

New way to make appointments

While we love talking to our patients (and sometimes their humans too ) on the phone, we know it’s not always convenient to call us during business hours. Life just gets busy! To help make us more reachable, we have a new way you can make an appointment online. Whether you are a new patient or an existing one, you can request a variety of appointment types right here on the website.

  • You can make all kinds of appointments right here on the website!
  • Schedule routine exams, sick visits, vaccinations
  • New and established patients can schedule online!
  • You can even request a house call!

Click the link below to get started!


Some of our services

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy provides a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment which is used to treat a variety of conditions.Learn More

In-house Diagnostics

We are able to perform a variety of diagnostic tests on-site with results in minutes, not days, including bloodwork and xrays.Learn More

Radiography and Ultrasound

We offer digital radiography (X-ray) for small animals as well as diagnostic ultrasound.Learn More


Dental services include a multitude of procedures for canine and feline patients from routine cleanings, dental radiography and surgical extractions on dogs and cats.Learn More


On many occasions transporting your pet isn’t easy. We will gladly come to you whenever possible on those occasions when hospitalization is not required.Learn More


From simple elective surgeries to more complicated soft tissue surgeries are performed daily at Bear Creek Hospital. Learn More


Sometimes patients require ongoing care the owner can’t provide themselves. For those times, Bear Creek offers hospitalization for those that need a higher level of care.Learn More


Chiropractic services are an important part of the wellbeing and comfort of animals both large and small.  Dr Reynolds Gray is a certified veterinary chiropractor that is excited to offer this service to all our patients.Learn More

Feline Friendly

Cats are unique and special and they present their own challenges to being able to provide quality care and meet their special needs.Learn More