The animals we care for are simply the animals in our community.  There are some exceptions because we are not perfect and though we may want to be “know-it-all’s” we are not.  We care for the majority of animals in our area.  Bear Creek Veterinary started out as an exclusively large animal practice and we will first and foremost remain that at heart.  Even though we have expanded into the small animal medicine field, we are firmly rooted in our Stanly County foundation.  What this means though, is that we now carry over our philosophy from large animal medicine to small animal medicine.   We will make house calls; we will see your emergencies; we will pay attention to those in our community.

We want to care for your animals as we care for our own.  We see your pet as we see our pet.  We see your horse as we see our own horse.  My employees are clients too.  They call me at night and on the weekends for problems just like my other clients.  They call me because they know they can.  Because they know I will be there for them.  I want my clients to feel the same way.  I want my clients to know that I will be there for them when they need me.   What  does it mean to be “Our Client”?  It means that you are a regular patient at Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital.

We care for the patients in our practice.  The clients and patients we see are the clients we hold dear.  If you are not currently in our practice, then we are not obligated to see your emergency. No offense but we are not an emergency facility referral hospital.  You must be a patient or client with our practice in order to be seen on emergency by our practice.  If you are not sure what that means, then give us a call and we will make sure that your are in our system.