The Scoop on Chiropractic

With only two more sessions of training until I’m certified in Animal Chiropractic, I’m excited to offer this service to our patients starting in June!  I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a few examples of things that can cause your animal to have problems with the spine.

June Bug is receiving a chiropractic sample session from Dr. Gray (her mom).

  1. Each animal is put together differently. Sometimes they have longer backs, shorter necks or legs that aren’t quite even. These differences can often lead to compensation throughout the spine resulting in decreased overall comfort and performance. Chiropractic adjustments help to identify these compensations and train the spine and other tissues to move more efficiently.
  2. Oops! Accidents happen more often than we would like and it is easy to see how major accidents may cause pain and loss of mobility in the spine. The trauma we don’t think about very often is everyday wear and tear. Repetitive use and activity can lead to strain on the spine and soft tissues.
  3. You’re how old? As animals get older and their mobility decreases they are at a higher risk of developing stiffness and changes in the spine. Chiropractic evaluation and adjustments can help to prolong the longevity and comfort of your animals.
  4. We’re having a baby! Birth can be a difficult process for both mom and baby (babies) regardless of whether they are large or small. Even young animals can benefit from chiropractic care in the early days of life.
  5. Who pinched me? Saddle fit is important for horses/mules/donkeys (or whatever other critter you’re riding around). All saddles are not created equal just like all horses’ backs are not the same shape. A poorly fitting saddle or broken saddle can cause a lot of pinching or pressure in unwanted places which can make your horse uncomfortable. Chiropractic evaluation can help identify these problems and aid you and your horse in having a better ride.

Again, June will be here before we know it!! Stay tuned for more blog posts and information as my education sessions continue and do not hesitate to post any questions or comments below or on our social media accounts. I cannot wait to start offering these services at Bear Creek and offer your pets the chiropractic care that might improve their quality of life.