Latest Update: Tuesday March 24th, 2020

With the rapidly changing landscape surrounding the Coronavirus/COVID-19, Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital is committed to remaining open to serve the community as long as we can do so safely. Please remember that regardless of our desire to serve, we are bound by the rules and regulations set forth by the state, the governor’s office, the federal state of emergency, and the North Carolina Veterinary Board. Considering all the possible methods that could be used to shut down veterinary practices, we are temporarily changing how we do business in order to best continue to serve the community.

This page will serve as the permanent URL to monitor for changes to policies here at Bear Creek. The address is:

Modified Business Practices

  • We do not take walk-ins. That has not changed.
  • If there is ANY REASON to believe you or someone you have come into contact with have symptoms that would indicate Coronavirus, you can not come into our facility. Please reschedule or arrange for someone else to bring in your animal, and please don’t risk the health of our clinicians or support staff by coming if you suspect you might be contagious.

Concierge Services:

Because there is currently no vaccine available for COVID-19 and no immunity from it, the best way for us to avoid becoming infected and having to close our clinic is to temporarily shift to a concierge-model of service. For now, the following policies will be in place:

If you are picking up supplies/meds:

  • Please call ahead. We want to have your order prepared before you arrive to minimize your time in the clinic. The number is 704-986-0000.
  • If paying by credit/debit card, please pay over the phone before you pick up your order. This is to minimize contact between customers and staff.
  • We highly recommend customers take advantage of our online pharmacy. You can have foods, meds, and other supplies shipped direct to your home. You can visit the pharmacy at
  • When you arrive at the clinic – REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE AND CALL THE FRONT DESK. We will either send someone to escort you inside, or send your order out to your car if it is prepaid.

If you are dropping off/picking up a pet

  • No more than one customer will be in the building at a time. If you are dropping off, we will wait for you leave the building before letting the next customer inside.
  • We are only allowing one person inside the clinic with an animal at a time. Please do not bring children or groups to the clinic.
  • ALL customers will enter the clinic thru the east side front door (the door closest to Albemarle)
  • ALL customers will exit the clinic thru the west side front door.
  • We will have staff direct you through the clinic so as to totally eliminate contact or proximity to other customers.
  • Our staff will be following aggressive cleaning protocols for the foreseeable future. During this time, we ask that you please do not touch any surfaces you don’t need to. The less that is touched inside, the less we have to clean.
  • Whenever possible, use contactless payment systems or credit/debit cards to avoid passing items back and forth with staff members.
  • Plan for drop-off, and check-out to take longer than usual.

We understand these procedures and protocols add frustration and length to your visit. They are burdensome on us too, but we ask you remain patient with us as we do our best to serve Stanly County the way we always have – with compassion and with sincere love for your four-legged family!

Because the national and state response to Coronavirus is very fluid, additional changes may be forthcoming. Please check back with this page often for the latest policies and procedures.