I love my job but sometimes down time is needed to get away from it for a while.  Everyone needs this but stressful professions especially, regardless of how rewarding one’s job may be.  There are many things that are therapeutic for me.  This is to offer a little glimpse into the personal side of me that my clients don’t always get to see….

Most of my friends know how much I love to bake.  Well, cooking in general is a passion and past time for me.  The cooking aspect is fun in and of itself but I get the most enjoyment from feeding people.  I love to have company over to the house and cook a big meal.  Thanksgiving is a big production at the Jordan household.  If I was no longer a veterinarian I would own a restaurant and feed people every day.  I would not, however be the chef.  I think then I would probably grow to not enjoy cooking anymore.

I am a beach girl unequivocally.  I grew up on the Outer Banks and my heart is at home there more than anywhere else on this planet.  Sitting on a sand dune on Hatteras Island listening to the waves roll onto the beach, the sand between my toes and the salty breeze blowing against my face is about as close to heaven as I get imagine.   I aim to take a week out of every year and go home to visit and recharge my batteries.

I very much long to travel.  I hope to see Ireland and the Scottish Highlands while I am still young enough to really enjoy the trip.  I have been learning Gaelic for the past few years on and off in my spare time (that’s not much by the way).  I haven’t gotten very far in that endeavor but I love learning new things.    I started learning guitar about 3 years ago as well.  Thanks to my ever so patient guitar instructor Braden Harwood who puts up with my challenging and always tight schedule.  I can highly recommend him for anyone that is interested in picking up a stringed instrument (and even a few non-stringed ones as well).

I love spending time with my son.  He is my heart and soul.  I love watching him grow up into a man.  He is kind and compassionate.  I am so proud of the person he is.  His heart is gentle.  I just hope that one day he understands why his mom works all the time.  It certainly isn’t because I want to be away from him.  He told me the other day he might want to be a vet too.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I want him to be his own person.  Being a veterinarian is difficult and I most certainly do not want him choosing that career path in order to seek my approval.  I am very proud of him and I tell him that all the time, but he needs to follow his own dream whatever that may be.

I’m sure there are many other things I could ramble on about but that is all for now.  I am not going to get into any crazy rants, depressing details or political views at this hour.  That’s really not my style anyway.  I’ll leave that up to my husband.  I’m just going to say goodnight and watch a little TV with my Beast (Irish wolfhound) on the couch next to me before going to bed.   After all, I have to go to work in the morning.  It’s  always a busy day at Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital and you never know what is going to happen.