I am writing this article for Dr. Yowell this month for reasons that will become apparent very soon, but a little background on Dr. Yowell first.  Dr. Yowell joined us last year and as many of you agree, we are thrilled beyond measure to have her.  She offers a new perspective and years of experience to Bear Creek.  It is a running joke between Dr. Yowell and Dr. Cloninger that one is the past and one is the future….I wont say which is which.  However, Dr. Yowell was faced with a little bit of a culture shock when coming to Bear Creek.  Our practice is mostly paperless.  Electronic everything.  I handed her a phone, an email address, a laptop, and other electronic forms of communication to get used to and even the dreaded social media encounters.  I placed her in front of a camera and asked to speak to you through Facebook Live.  One on one communication is not a problem for Dr. Yowell, but to say she was nervous that first time on Facebook was an understatement.  Since that first Facebook Live event, she has done several more and is excelling at them.

 When asked to write about this topic, she balked.  In truth, she flat refused.  She really wanted to write about cats instead.  In her words, I am a hermit that does not socialize outside of work and my idea of good weekend is to pull into my garage on a Friday, lock the gate and spend the entire next few days with my animals and not leave the property until its time to go back to work.  I said that was a perfect response.   You just wrote your article.  Her stunned expression was priceless.  She was taken aback that pure honesty was what I was looking for.   So, I decided to help her expand upon her answer to this topic to help put her out of her misery.   

Dr. Yowell LOVES the kitties!!

Dr. Yowell enjoys spending time with her Ponies and other critters while enjoying down time away from veterinary medicine and its stresses.  She also enjoys her vacations with her husband to Virginia and Key West.  I happen to also love Key West, so we share that joy.  Many veterinarians struggle, myself included, with dealing with the pressure and emotional stress of this profession.  I stand back in awe and wonder of the veterinarians able to stay in practice for as long as Dr. Yowell has and keep their sanity and compassion.  Whatever Dr. Yowell is doing to balance her work and social life, is working.  Keep it up Dr. Yowell.  Maybe one day you and I can enjoy some time together in Key West.