Sometimes you just want a quick answer to a pet question. In today’s highly connected world its common to ask questions and get quick answers over all kinds of formats: Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

For the purpose of client confidentiality we don’t discuss detailed pet questions over social media. We also don’t have the doctors themselves monitoring the social media accounts all the time. Are you kidding? All the kitten and puppy photos on Facebook? They’d never get any work done!

You can email us!

If you have a pet question but its not convenient for you to call, or maybe you think of it after hours, you can email your question to our staff. The receptionists will route the email to the appropriate doctor (during business hours) and they’ll get back with you via email or phone, depending on your preference.

If you’re going to email us a pet question, please remember to include some information so we know whom to look up in our database. Try to be sure to let us know things like:

  • Your Name (as the client)
  • The Patient’s Name, Species, date of birth, breed, age, and weight – or as much of this as you know.
  • What problem your pet is experiencing, how long it’s been going on, anything you think might have caused it.
  • If it’s a general question – such as what type of food might be best for XYZ condition, this information is still valuable.
  • How to get back in touch with you – feel free to include call-back times if you aren’t available during the day.

Bad Example:

“My dog is sick. He’s throwing up all over the place and pooping on my sofa. I don’t know what to do. Can someone please call me?”

You laugh… but we get those emails. They DO happen!

If you want to make the most of your time and the doctors, try something like this:

“Hi, My name is Abby Jones. My 3 year old German shepherd, Dixie, is a patient there. She started throwing up what looks like grass and water around mid-afternoon and it’s been going on for an hour now. She’s pooped indoors which she never does and it’s not normal. It’s runny and watery. She seems really tired and won’t eat or drink anything. Can you have some email me or call me? My number is 704-867-5309. Thanks.”

That kind of email tells our doctors a lot more. They know who you are, who the pet is, what breed and age they are, and they can start looking up your furry companion in our database and get some facts together even before they get you on the phone. It makes diagnosis quicker and saves both you, us, and your pet a lot of time spent going over information.

Feel free to email us anytime, day or night, at with your pet questions.

Remember: Never email about a suspected emergency situation. Our emails aren’t monitored 24 hours a day, but our phones are! Always call if it’s something you’re concerned enough about that you feel sure you need an immediate answer.