This is a very common question, but not one that we can effectively answer here.  We do have some services that are “all encompassing” and have a set price for all things included, like routine spays and neuters, but many procedures require multifaceted estimates to be given only after an animal has been properly evaluated and a treatment plan can be made.   Some prices change based on current supply and equipment costs, drugs costs, etc.  We ask that if you have a question regarding current prices, please contact us directly via one of the communication lines available (phone, email, or pet desk app).  If an exam or more thorough discussion regarding the pet is needed to determine cost, an appointment will likely be required.    We try to keep client prices down below standard in the areas of routine spays and neuters, rabies vaccinations, and heart worm, flea and tick prevention, specifically to keep those items as accessible to the community as possible.  Please keep in mind, we do not receive grants or donations to provide a true “low cost” spay or neuter service with free vaccinations included.