It’s really easy and really fast to sign up with our new mobile app!

Note: There is only ONE really really important thing to remember when signing up. Regardless of what email you use on your phone, you need to sign up with the Pet Desk app using the email we have on file for you at the clinic. If you use any other email address, we won’t be able to synchronize your patient data. The pet desk app is tied to OUR database, not your phone, so whatever email we have is the one you need to use when you sign up!

Step 1: Click the link

You can sign up using the link on the home page, or simply click this link to sign up.

Step 2: Enter your information.

Enter your name, email we have on file, and your mobile number and press “Send Link”

You should be greeted with a message similar to the following:

Step 3: Install on your device

In just a few moments, you will receive an email and a SMS message from our Pet Desk server with a link to install the app on your device.  You can use either method to install the app. The app looks similar to the image below.

Step 4: Launch the app and create a Pet Desk account.
You will need to create an account with PetDesk. It only takes a few seconds and there’s absolutely no spam, no advertising, and we don’t even have access to your information. Please be sure you use the email address you have on file with Bear Creek if you want to be able to sync your pets records with our client record for you.

Step 5: Enjoy!

As soon as you’ve made your account, you can login to the app and see your pet records, make appointment, and lots of other cool stuff!