Honestly answered…we care.  Our doctors and staff care about you and your pets.  Our doctors work very hard to stay current and practice good medicine.  We want to do it right.  We want to find you the answers about what is going on with your fur baby.  We want to answer your questions and provide the information you need to understand how to take care of them.  We want to cure disease.  We want to alleviate pain in a way that does not cause harm elsewhere.  We do not just want to cover up the symptoms, we want to fix the problem.  We want to take the time be thorough and do an actual physical exam ,not just give you medicine.

This does not mean that we can see everyone at one time.  For this reason we schedule appointments and devote time to you.  We want to know why you are coming in ahead of time so we have time to look over your records.  We can research new therapies, new recommendations.  We understand that your pet is your baby.  We have babies too.

We are not perfect.  We may not have an appointment when you want one.  We may not be able to answer the phone on the first ring.  We may not be the cheapest priced.  We may not be able perform non-medical services (boarding or grooming).   There are several things we are NOT, but what we ARE is hospital full of devoted, caring, compassionate doctors and staff that will always bring their A game.  We will always keep fighting for your pet and admit when we have exhausted our resources and it is time to refer to a specialist or ICU.