When it rains…it pours.
Like most things in life, being a large animal vet typically runs all or nothing. There are times of the year that are naturally busier due to weather and life cycles. Spring time is always busy and we usually have our hands full with spring vaccinations, coggins tests, foalings, calvings, kiddings, lambings, colics and founders (due to the lush green grass growth) and then rebreeding all those females. People are out riding more and everyone is loving the great weather. Not to mention that when bad things happen, they always seem to happen in a rash of catatrophies. Horses colic for the same reasons, so we will have 5 horses to colic on a weekend all due to the same reason: impaction (weather change), enteritis (too much green grass), gas (pressure changes, full moon, planetary alignment), etc. The next week we will be sitting there waiting for the phone to ring cause we are so slow we can hear the crickets chirping. December and July are notoriously destitute for large animal medicine. This is why I usually take my vacation in one of those two months. I never plan to go anywhere from late February to the end of June and again from the end of August till Thanksgiving. It would be nice if things would even out, but it never does. We just deal with it as it comes and when things great crazy, we just do the best we can to handle everything that gets thrown at us. Just be patient with us if that happens, we will get to everyone as best we can.