Every body thinks my job is so glamorous. I talk to people and they always tell me how they always wanted to be a vet, but something happened and they never went to college or they didn’t apply. People call or stop me and ask if I need an assistant. It seems like every where I go people want to be me. I hear from people quite frequently about how it must be nice to be your own boss, set your own hours or answer to no one. Well, my answer is usually be glad you didn’t go to vet school. I don’t have one boss….I have 2,000 bosses. I answer to all of my clients. You are my boss. My patients need me all hours of the day or night. Not just Monday through Friday but weekends and holidays too. No matter if its midnight, raining, snowing,10 below or 100 above. Most of my day is filled with driving from farm to farm, but in between trips I am on the phone answering questions, checking email, paying bills, updating Facebook pages, or directing staff members on what I need them to do. They dont have it easy either. I am always giving them tasks related to calling people back, cleaning the clinic, stocking the truck, ordering supplies, placing orders for clients, setting appointment, going to the post office, sending out labwork, running lab work in house, picking up supplies and of course helping me examine and treat animals. Rough, busy days are tough on everyone. Not just us but our families too. My family sees me very little. When I am not busy, they see me more, but during busy times they see me almost never. There are days when things go well and animals get better and people thank us for the job we do, but there are days that no matter how hard we try or how much effort we put into a case, the animal doesnt survive. It’s not only heart breaking but discouraging as well. Owners don’t always understand why we as veterinarians make the decisions we make. Usually we understand and comprehend a lot more than they perceive. In our minds we have already thought ahead about what it could be and in the short in time we have spent examining the animal, we have ruled most of them out without voicing our thought process. Owners are concerned and want the best for their animals and they should.

So, yes. I have the best job in world, but its not for everybody and I wouldn’t recommend it for just anyone. My life is not my own.