My favorite thing to do…

Well, let’s be honest, I have a few favorite things.  This is by far, at the top of that list. Delivering baby goats/lambs.  I will put lambs in that category as well because in this, there really isn’t a big difference between goats and sheep.  Most of those close to me know how I feel about sheep (sorry Hattie), but I love a baby goat!  What I love even more about baby goats, is delivering them.  When a client calls me about a doe in labor, I give a silent fist pump in my head.  Ok, sometimes it’s not in my head.

I never get tired of seeing the look on most owners faces when I glove up and go in up to my elbow.  When it comes to delivering goats, there is almost no position that I haven’t had to decipher.  It’s like a box of chocolates….you just never know, but I really have a good time figuring it out.  Reach in, find two legs and hopefully a head and pull…..Head back, leg back, breech, two rear legs, three legs and head (what?) and God know what else.

Most of these I can get out with no problem.  Occasionally I run into a situation where I can not even get my hand in there due to the extremely small size of the doe.  In these cases, I rec the dreaded C-section.  I am not afraid!  I love c-sections.  They are fun.  Yes, I said fun.  I have a really good success rate with my surgeries, but I do not compromise on them either.  I require that they come into the clinic and be done in the surgery room under general anesthesia.  I know that that increases the cost, but it also increases the survival rate and let’s be honest that is the most important factor.  Why spend any money at all if you have bad odds at survival.  I’d rather spend a little extra and have a much better chance at taking her home.

There are not many things more rewarding in my chosen career as delivering live babies and having a healthy momma to care for them.  IMG_20140322_145139_681   IMG_20140322_145152_261   IMG_20140322_145214_924