When our pets are sick, we want to help them.  Waiting for answers is sometimes the hardest part.  Our current ability to perform many tests in house can cut down that painful wait time in getting to a diagnosis.  Performing radiography, simple ultrasound exams, microscopic evaluations of ear swabs, skin scrapes, and aspirates can take minutes but yield vital information in getting your pet the right treatment for their problem.

Many diseases can be complex and difficult to figure out without further investigation and testing.  With in-house diagnostics we can quickly come a diagnosis that would not be possible based solely on a physical exam.  Although a physical exam is extremely important in getting an overall clinical picture and alert us to the presence of a problem, it is insufficient in diagnosing common diseases like Parvo, diabetes mellitus, renal insufficiency, Mast Cell tumors, heart worms, Cushings disease, Hypothyroidism, Collapsed lung, liver failure, or internal parasitism.  All of these require some form of diagnostic testing.   Biospsy, cytology, radiographs, fecal examinations, hematology and blood chemistry are among the many different types of diagnostic testing available at Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital.

Surgical patients have the option to request pre-anesthetic lab work that may prevent a complication while under anesthesia.  This testing can be performed the same day as the surgery and within a few short minutes, we can know the animal’s kidney, liver and hydration status.

Hospitalized patients can have monitoring tests performed at night or over the weekend on site without having to wait until regular hours when the referral labs are open.  Why wait days when you can have answers in 15 minutes?

Our currnet radiograph technology is DR, Direct Radiography, that be performed in house.  Radiographs (X-rays) can be taken and evaluated immediately by the veterinarian.  Those radiographs can even be emailed to a referral practice for review if a specialized surgical procedure is needed.  Fractures, dislocations, foreign bodies, and osteoarthritis can be diagnosed and evaluated.  Treatment options often depend heavily upon the results of these radiographs.

We strive to provide quality medicine to all our patients at a reasonable cost to their owners.  Some testing is too specified for us to be able to offer it at an affordable price.  Other labs or specialty practices have that availability.  In those instances where our diagnostic capability has been surpassed, we will send the samples out or refer the patient.  It may seem inconvenient to have to travel or wait for those results, but an accurate answer is better than a fast wrong answer.